Our Services

  • Cleaning
    We clean all kinds of garments, e.g. beaded, sequins, fine silks, jeans and antiques. For those who do not want to have your clothes in plastic bags, we will provide recyclable bags.
  • Laundry
  • Alterations
    We specialize in alterations for men, women and children. Our experienced in-house tailor will provide alterations for a wide range of garments. This includes:
    taking in or letting out waists;
    shortening, lengthening and tapering trousers, with or without cuffs;
    lengthening and shortening sleeves on blouses, shirts and jackets;
    adding zippers, belt loops, pockets and straps;
    hem skirts and trousers;
    shorten collars, alter seats, shoulders and crotches;
    (No appointment necessary).
  • Leather, Suedes & Furs - Jackets, skirts, pants, & etc.
  • Household goods, e.g. table cloths, comforters, sleeping bags, sheets, pillow cases.
  • Oriental rug and carpet cleaning
  • Reweaving
    We mend tears and moth or cricket holes on woolens and other fabrics.
  • Fluff and puff service at reasonable prices
  • Wedding gown preservation
    We will clean your gown free of charge before your wedding, with a post wedding clean and preserve order.
  • Repairs - Minor or major on all garments.
  • Executive Shirt Laundering - Hand iron shirts available on hangers or folded.
  • Hanger recycling and hanger caddies provided
  • Express Service - No waiting for pre-authorized drop-offs

Green Cleaning

Learn about our green cleaning process.

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